Island Exhibits are exposed on all four sides and are rarely smaller than 20’x20′ sq. ft. in dimension.

Create a “show piece” exhibit

and the return on investment is very high.  The overall design will allow for several types of customization for long-term sustainability in your exhibiting investment.  The flexibility of customization can allow for a change of meeting spaces, seating, lock and key storage, product placement, and audio/visuals from show to show. This type of exhibit style will make a lasting impression at your next convention/expo.


Here's how we can help you create your own exhibit.

  • We can help you plan and design it

    using our in-house design team, or working with yours.

  • We can build it

    quickly and professionally using proven, modern production techniques.

  • We can install it and dismantle it afterwards

    at your trade show location, with our own labor.

  • We can also store it for you

    securely in our warehouse, until you need it next.

Sound good? Let's talk about the details and our unbeatable prices.

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