A Peninsula Exhibit has a common shared wall between two island exhibitors and is commonly referred to as a “split island exhibit”.

Access three exposed aisles of show traffic

with the Peninsula Exhibit.  Most show decorators or show management will have very strict exterior, signage, graphics, and logo guidelines for each convention/expo with this type of exhibit.  It is advisable to make your custom exhibit “flexible” to accommodate any future show guidelines or restrictions.


Here's how we can help you create your own exhibit.

  • We can help you plan and design it

    using our in-house design team, or working with yours.

  • We can build it

    quickly and professionally using proven, modern production techniques.

  • We can install it and dismantle it afterwards

    at your trade show location, with our own labor.

  • We can also store it for you

    securely in our warehouse, until you need it next.

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