All Exhibit Types

Some of our customer’s goals for exhibiting take years of dedication and long-term commitment to realize, while others, are as simple as modifying and redesigning existing exhibits for the next big event.

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  • Island


    Island Exhibits are exposed on all four sides and are rarely smaller than 20’x20′ sq. ft. in dimension.

  • Perimeter


    Perimeter Exhibits are located along the outside “perimeter” of the hall or show floor areas.

  • Peninsula


    A Peninsula Exhibit has a common shared wall between two island exhibitors and is commonly referred to as a “split island exhibit”.

  • Double-Deck


    Double-Deck Exhibits instantly maximize floor space by adding a second story and give you the freedom to incorporate features that would normally clutter a similar floor plan.

  • In-Line


    In-Line or “Linear” Exhibits have one side facing out to an aisle sharing side and back walls with other exhibitors.

  • Endcap


    Located at the beginning of a Linear exhibit aisle creating the Endcap for the adjacent exhibits aisles.

  • Outside


    Outside Exhibits are temporary structures placed outside of the main exhibiting hall.

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