On-Site Installation & Dismantling

We offer the most up-to-date competitive rates on skilled labor in the fast-paced Las Vegas marketplace & surrounding regions for “I&D”.

Our Work & Skilled Labor

Skilled labor at competitive rates is not always easy to come by, especially when you consider the process involved to find, onboard, train, insure and manage your installation & dismantling (“I&D”) team. One of our core competencies is offering skilled labor at the most competitive rates in the U.S. tradeshow and convention marketplace.

Thanks to long-standing agreements and exclusive licenses at the state level, Image Exhibit Services is your “one-stop shop” when it comes to skilled and experienced trade show labor.

How we manage our workforce

The installation of a custom-made exhibits of any dimension (and even low-key 10×10 standard exhibits) requires a certain amount of experience and a well-developed ability to coordinate all moving parts — but equally, an experienced supervisor that oversees the I&D of an exhibit can greatly reduce show costs by managing labor hours, required show management paperwork, overseeing show floor freight movements from marshalling yard, and trouble-shooting on-site.

Our focus on quality & durability

This point is most important.  We’ve seen it happen on the show floor when unskilled labor and subpar materials are being utilized as shortcuts.

This can be detrimental to an exhibit build such as missing target dates, inflated install and dismantle hours, unfamiliar with show management restrictions (not in compliance), incorrect graphic placement, inability to trouble shoot on-site, injury hazard, and etc..

Our installation and dismantling team will ensure that the process for exhibiting is stress free and uncomplicated.  We want you to have a successful show, stress free.

For you to sample

We’ve put together a few images of the projects and work that we do both on and off the show floors.  We are focused on providing you support and expertise every step of the way!

On-Site Installation & Dismantling

Bottom line: forget scrambling to find & micromanage labor away from home, and let us do the work for you.


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