Look, it’s simple. We’ll make your custom booth.

We can help you plan your exhibit

Deliver your own blueprints, or tap into our pool of the most experienced industry professionals to create your custom exhibit from scratch.

We can also design it for you

We also retain some of the most talented graphic designers, specialized in exhibit design, that will make your booth your own.

We build your exhibit

We utilize the latest, most up-to-date equipment at our own 70,000 square foot factory, located in North Las Vegas, to construct your custom exhibit.

We take advantage of light-weight materials, durable fabrics, and modern production techniques to achieve a level of quality that is difficult to match.

We offer quicker turn-around times when faced with short deadlines due to our experience and facility locale.

We install your exhibit

After taking care of safe transport to the trade show location, we install your new booth on-site, using our own skilled labor.

After, we dismantle it

All good trade shows must come to an end, so we’ll return to carefully dismantle your booth, and ready it for the next show.

Basically, we’ll do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Learn more about our process

Oh, and…

We can also store your exhibit

in our warehouse, until you need it next.

Or you can just rent a booth

from us if you’d like to test the waters first.